Explore Ukraine


Odesa, Ukraine’s third largest city, is a seaport resting on the shores of the mythical Black Sea. Now an important commercial city, visitors gravitate to Odesa for sandy beaches, clement weather and sparkling waters, especially Lanzheron Beach, the perfect spot for sun worshippers.


Poltava, which is situated on the River Vorskala, is a city steeped in military history due to the legendary battle between the Cossacks and the Russian Tsar Peter I in the 18th century, and with that in mind come to this city to see the military relics that remain. These include the Column of Glory, the Park of October and the preserved area of the Poltava Battlefield.


Found on the Khorol River, Myrhorod is essentially a sleepy spa town that has become famous for the mineral properties found in its underground springs. Slightly salty water can be drunk to improve digestive problems, or there are a number of places where visitors can bathe.